Nexus 5 Price in India, Nexus 5 Features, Review, Specifications

There was much discussion in the phone market for the Launch of Nexus 5, Now it has been launched . This new version of the Google Nexus Android Mobile Phone with Kitkat 4.4. Its (Univeral selling Points) USP is its large screen which is 4.95 inches (5-inch) with full HD resolution (1920X1080). Starting with the […]

Google confirmed the Leak of Nexus 5 Price on Play Store

Nexus 5 the Android smartphone from Google posted its price and pictures on Playstore and confirms that it was a leak. Nexus 5 is a flagship product of Google which is expected to be released in coming weeks. The Listing in Play Store features US Pricing $349 (£215) for the 16GB version for the phone. […]

Nexus 5 – The Next Gen Smartest Android Phone for you

Nexus 5 will soon be releasing with all new features of will be built by LG which also made Nexus 4. Obviously Nexus 5 will be coming with the latest version of Android 4.4. With High class Hardware components and with the experience of Kitkat 4.4 Google Nexus 5 will be best Smartest Android phone […]